Appreciating the Carabao

This book, compiled and written for easy reading by Dr. Anselmo S. Roque, is meant to provide basic information about this animal and current developments for its improvement designed to situate it in a more strategic place in the people's and nation's consciousness.

No. of Pages: 81 | Edition: 2010

SAN AGUSTIN: Rising High on the 'Nuang'

San Agustin, Isabela is home to hundreds of crossbred buffalos. This publication is an attempt to document the experience of the town in relation to Carabao Development Program (particularly crossbreeding program) with the hope that it can serve as a source of learning and inspiration for farming communities, local government units, and other development organizations, both public and private.

No. of Pages: 96 | Edition: 2009

Buffalo and Cattle

This coffee table book is a reproduction of the original book "Cattle and Buffalo" published in 2009 by Mr. Hsieh Chyi-Jeong.

The author has the extraordinary ability to give life to his subject and tell thousands of stories through his photography. The images presented in this book is more than relate human with the buffalo and cattle, two animals that have important contributions to the lives of millions of Asian rural families in varying degrees in the past, in present and in future times.

No. of Pages: 192 | Edition: 2010

Businessing the Carabao

This book, written by Dr. Anselmo Roque, is a compilation of the sucesses of numerous rural farming families whose lives improved because of their "businessized" carabaos. It is a presentation of how a number of people have become successful enterpreneurs with the hope that others can see the light and follow it for their own sake, or for the benefit of their families, and communities.

Released during the PCC's 18th founding anniversary, the book is a testament to the achievement of one of the important goals of the Carabao Development Program - the development of the carabao-based industries in the country.

No. of Pages: 97 | Edition: 2011

Changing Lives... Beyond the Draft Carabao

Dr. Sosimo Ma. Pablico, one of the country's most prolific agricultural journalist, went around the countryside to carefully document the experiences of dairy buffalo farmers to serve not only as a reference for research institutions, livestock practitioners, policy makers and other interested groups, but also an inspiration to fellow farmers who count on the carabao as one of their prized possessions.

The concept of putting together parts of this book came about when the farmers' cooperatives started to make known their successes in buffalo-based dairy enterprises. They attributed their achievement mainly to having gained access to dairy-typed buffalos, hard work, mutual support from family members and their respective cooperatives, and technical assistance from concerned public and private institutions.

No. of Pages: 130 | Edition: 2006

Livestock Biotechnology Roadmap

No. of Pages: 97| Edition: 2011

Papugay sa Kalabaw

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