Welcome to the National Carabao Conference

Aimed at creating an avenue to bring together key stakeholders of the Carabao Development Program, the National Carabao Conference, the first of its kind to be conducted by the Philippine Carabao Center (PCC), carries the flagship theme: “Celebrating Partnerships in Championing the Carabao Development Program ”. Participating in this event are key personalities in the agriculture sector including PCC partners such as farmers, local government units, and other government and private agencies nationwide who are each significant contributors in fostering the advancement of the industry. The NCC holds multi-sessions in the form of plenaries, workshops, and various fora to serve as venue for meaningful discussions among participants. The CDP is a continuous and organized effort led by the PCC to increase the genetic potential of the native carabao for milk, meat, and draft. Expected outcomes along this line are the development of carabao-based and related enterprises aimed at increasing income and nutritional status of farming communities. It is a socio-economic program that addresses the national concerns on poverty alleviation, nutritional improvement, equitable income distribution and people empowerment.

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