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Dairy Buffalo Production Handbook

This handbook aims to provide science-based standards and best practices to enhance the skills and confidence of a dairy farm manager in implementing practical and relevant steps and processes in improving the production and reproduction performance of dairy buffalos. It is a compilation of substantive, localized processes and options on dairy buffalo production based on the long years of experience of PCC's technical experts.

No. of Pages: 289 | Edition: 2009

Profitability Analysis: 20-Cow Module Buffalo Milk Production

This Publication, packaged by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD), addresses the need of small and micro enterprises and farmers. It provides analytical tools that will help in the project planning process under a set of assumptions. Thus, it ensures that a dairy buffalo project is technically and economically feasible for implementation.

It aims to guide the future entrepreneur in establishing and managing a dairy buffalo-business enterprise. It contains information about the projected income statement and cash flows and the standard dairy production system.

No. of Pages: 33 | Edition: 2010

Mga Sakit ng Kalabaw

Animal diseases are a major concern of the livestock industry. This publication, a compilation of common buffalo diseases, aims to inform farmers on the early preventions of buffalo diseases and provide livestock raisers and technicians with basic knowledge on animal practices. Included here are identified diseases which may be caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites, and nutritional deficiencies. It also discussed the symptoms and possible causes of the diseases and how to avoid them.

No. of Pages: 27 | Edition: 2011

Sire Directory

This directory is a listing of superior bulls which are consists of two parts: (1) List of active bulls originally imported from bulgaria and island-born bulls that passed the rigorous processof selection based on their dam's milk production performance. These bulls passed the strictest criteria in semen quality evaluation to give assurance that all frozen semen coming out of the laboratory is only of the highest quality; and (2) A list of young bulls that are currently in training to become semen donors. The bulls are managed at the PCC facilities in Digdig, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija and UP Los Ba?os, Laguna.

No. of Pages: 80| Edition: 2011

Wastong Pangangalaga ng Gatasang Buffalo at Bulo

Written in Filipino, this manual was produced to provide technical information on the proper management and breeding practices, nutrition, feeds and feeding, pasture establishment, health management and milk processing.

It is primarily intended for the new cooperators of the 25 Cow / Caraheifer Dairy Buffalo Module.

No. of Pages: 67 | Edition: 2010

Papugay sa Kalabaw

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